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New Nautical Licence Application

In order for a person to drive any mechanically driven small ship, in the internal and territorial waters of Malta, client has to be in possession of a nautical licence issued by the Authority. He also needs to be covered by an insurance policy for an amount to be approved by the Authority which indemnifies such person, persons or classes of persons as may be authorised and covered by the policy against any liability which may be incurred by such persons or classes thereof in respect of physical death or injury or damage to third party property caused by or arising out of the use of the mechanically driven small ship. The Authority shall not issue a nautical licence unless the applicant is eighteen years old and is competent to drive a mechanically driven small ship. The Authority may attach to any nautical licence any such conditions as it may deem fit.

In order to obtain a Nautical Licence, client is to attend the Basic Seamanship Course and sit for the relative oral examination. Clients with higher certification may also apply for the issuance of a Nautical Licence, following approval by the Authority.

Client may call personally at Training & Certification Unit together with the original certificate in Basic Seamanship or higher certificate, ID card/passport (for verification purposes only), and one recent passport sized coloured photo. Application form is to be filled in and signed accordingly by client. Client may wish also to send all documents with another person or may send documents by mail together with a cheque payment payable to ‘Transport Malta’. If documents are sent through mail, copies need to be certified true copies of original by TM official or notary. Client will receive Nautical Licence by post once issued.

For the renewal of such Licence, client will receive a renewal notice together with a self-addressed envelope.

Download Application Form

Form SSR 087 – Application for a Nautical Licence


Last Updated: 22/05/2020