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Convert Vehicles to Autogas/LPG

The Government has allocated €100,000 for this scheme.

Documents needed

  • a copy of the certificate of retrofitting issued by the competent person
  • a copy of the fiscal receipt issued by the competent person
  • the vehicle’s registration certificate (logbook)
  • a copy of a legally valid identification document of the applicant or a residence permit or an acknowledgement issued by the expatriate office (Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security)
  • administrative fee of €10, payable to Transport Malta, for the re-issue of a new registration certificate

Application form

New conditions for 2020 when compared with 2019 schemes

• Companies inc Taxi Car Owners and Public service garages can also apply for the grant;

• Applicants shall be entitled to 10 grants- maximum €2,000 and;

• Those who benefitted from earlier schemes – can also benefit this year.