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Scrapping of Vehicles

Documents required to scrap a vehicle:

  1. VEH 013
  2. Vehicle’s log book
  3. Road licence (if licence is still valid)
  4. Licence is charged pro-rata if expired
  5. Vehicle’s registration plates
  6. Cancellation of hire purchase (if applicable)
  7. Destruction Certificate issued by a licensed treatment facility (applicable to M1 and N1 Vehicles only)
  8. €10.00 administrative fee
  9. If any of the above documents are missing and /or number plates, then VEH 39 in Maltese or English needs to be presented
  10. €8 (applicable for VEH 39 only)

Scrapping of vehicle in case of owner benefitting from scrappage scheme:

  1. VEH 044
  2. Affidavit from a Notary
  3. Vehicle’s logbook
  4. Vehicle’s registration plates
  5. If any contraventions were issued since the licence’s expiry date, then licence needs to be paid up to the last contravention issued
  6. If the vehicle’s licence has been expired for more than 8 years, a scrapping fee of €20 is due
  7. If no destruction certificate is provided an additional fee of €150 shall apply
  8. €10 administrative fee
  9. €125 scrapping fee