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Taxis and Electric Mini Cabs

For information on Taxi services in Malta kindly refer here.

Taxi Driver Permits and Tags

Taxis and Electric Mini Cabs may be driven only by holders of a Driver’s Permit and Tag issued by Transport Malta to applicants who satisfy the following requirements. 

  • Hold a category B driving licence;
  • Hold of a Taxi Driver and Area Knowledge Certificate (TDAKC);
  • Is medically fit to drive;
  • Is fluent in speaking Maltese or English;
  • Is of good repute and conduct.

Taxi Driver and Area Knowledge Certificate (TDAKC)

In order to obtain the TDAKC, an applicant needs to:

  1. Attend a 46 hour long training program for taxi drivers at any of the approved training providers;
  2. Pass a theory test;
  3. Submit the following documents at the Road Transport Licensing Unit so that a practical test can be booked:
    • Application form DRV 027;
    • Driving Licence;
    • The attendance certificate issued by the training provider;
    • The theory-test pass report; 
    • The medical fitness certificate; and
    • Payment of €23.25.
  4. Attend the Practical Taxi Driver test as instructed in the appointment received from the Driver Training and Testing Unit of Transport Malta. Appointments for Practical Tests shall be set within a maximum of one month from the date of submission of all the documents listed in point 3 above;
  5. Spend a total of 40 hours accompanying a licensed taxi driver whilst providing taxi services, which shall include a minimum of 10 hours between 20:00 and 06:00. This time shall be recorded on a log book issued by Transport Malta to the applicant upon the submission of the documents listed in point 3 above.

Applicants who fail the Practical Taxi Driver test shall submit a new DRV 027 form along with a new payment of €23.25 at the Road Transport Licensing Unit.

Applicants who, upon submission of the DRV 027 form mentioned in point 1 above, already hold the Driver CPC for Driving Licence Category D or D1 issued in terms of the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licence) Regulations (S.L.65.18) shall not be required to attend for the taxi driver taxi program and sit for the taxi driver theory test listed in points 1 and 2 above. All other conditions shall apply.

Successful applicants shall be issued with the TDAKC within a maximum of 1 week from the submission of the Practical Test Pass Report and the filled in Logbook.

Medical Fitness

Applicants shall submit a medical certificate using form DRV 032 proving fitness for long term driving in order to obtain the TDAKC. The same certificate is also needed whenever a driver needs to renew the Taxi Driver Tag.

Good repute and conduct

An applicant for or holder of a taxi driver tag shall not be deemed to be of good repute if that person does not meet the criteria listed in the Taxi Services Regulations (S.L.499.59).

In order to prove compliance with this requirement, applicants who hold a Maltese Identity Card shall submit form DPA 11 along with the Identity Card and a payment of €17.50.

For the same purpose, holders of a Residence Permit shall submit form DPA 11 along with the Residence Permit, their Driving Licence, the Criminal Record issued by the Police of the country or countries where the applicant had previously resided and payment of €17.50.

Form DPA 11 shall be used by Transport Malta to obtain the applicant’s criminal records from the Maltese Police force. The time required for this process is out of Transport Malta’s control. It is therefore recommended to submit this form as early as possible, ideally at the start of the process described in the above section on the TDAKC.

Applicant who have lived abroad may be asked to provide their respective criminal records from the police forces of the countries where they had previously resided.

Issue of Taxi Driver Permits and Tags

Transport Malta shall issue the following to applicants who are deemed to satisfy all these requirements:

  • A new driving licence including harmonized code 107 printed on the back side next to the category B licence;
  • A driver’s tag on which the icon for Taxis is shown.

Taxi driver tags are valid for a maximum period of five years, or less in line with the validity period of the respective driving licence. 

Renewal of Taxi Driver Permits and Tags

Drives who would like to renew their taxi driver permit and tag shall submit a new form DPA 11 along with a payment of €17.50 before their permit and tag expires.

The renewal process requires Transport Malta to obtain an updated Criminal Record from the police. The time required for this process is not within Transport Malta’s control. It is therefore recommended to apply at least 2 months before the old permit and tag expires.

Processing of Applications and Appeal Procedure

The processing of applications for new or renewed Taxi Driver permits or tags takes a maximum of 2 weeks from the date of submission of the application form and all the necessary supporting documentation and the receipt of the Criminal Record.

If the application is accepted, the Authority shall proceed with the printing of the driving licence which will be mailed at the address specified in the application, unless the client specifically requests a different mode of delivery.

If the application is refused by the Authority, the decision, and the reasons leading to it, shall be communicated in writing via registered post to the applicant at the address specified in the application.

Every notice of refusal shall state that the applicant has a right to make representations in writing, within ten days, to the Authority giving reasons why the application should not be refused and the Authority shall consider any representations so made before arriving at a final decision. The Authority shall notify in writing its final decision to the applicant concerned.

When an application is refused by the Authority, the applicant may appeal to the Administrative Review Tribunal within thirty days from the notification of the Authority’s decision. More information about this Tribunal is available here.

Submission of Applications

Application forms DRV 027 and all related documents, or any communication related to Taxi Drivers, may be submitted with Transport Malta using any of the following methods:

By hand at Transport Malta’s offices, from Monday to Friday between 07:30 and 14:00, at:

  • Level 0, A3 Towers, Triq l-Arkata, Paola; or
  • Tigrija Palazz, Main Gate Street, Victoria, Gozo;

By phone on:

  • Freephone 80072393 (from landline only); or
  • 2555 5121 / 9967 5012 .

By email via:

  •; or

Application forms DPA 11 shall be submitted at Transport Malta’s offices at Paola or Lija, using the contact details available here.

Processing of Personal Data

This Data Protection Privacy Notice shall apply to all personal data related to these licences.